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Co-Founder & Creative Director

I graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) in New York with a degree in Textile Surface Design. Soon after acquiring my degree, I worked with some of the country’s leading design houses including Calvin Klein and J.G. Hook. After moving to Miami in the mid-90’s, I worked as a freelance muralist and decorator. Through mutual friends, I met renowned interior designer Stuart Geller who became a true inspiration/mentor and soon hired me to join the team at Stuart Geller Design Group.


I am passionate about creating, teaching and experimenting with fashion and decor. The kinds of projects I enjoy doing the most are the ones that require ingenuity and thinking outside the box. I love to transform things and give them a new twist. I am a strong believer in sustainability and the three Rs…Recycling, Reusing and Restyling. I love to challenge myself to see potential and possibility in everything. Life has Unlimited Possibilities’ is my mantra!

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Growing up in Washington DC from Colombian parents, made me aware of the possibilities available in this great nation. My father’s career in international development opened my eyes to the social needs in the world at an early age. We heard his experiences from people all over Latin America who struggled, yet with minor interventions, their lives could be significantly improved. For example, a seed, a phone, a small loan, a bridge, or a class – things we take for granted - could make a clear difference in someone’s ability to survive. 

I went on to study International Studies at American University and continued with the Translation and Simultaneous Interpretation Program at Georgetown University. Enjoyed passionately the launching of a social entrepreneurship that assisted Colombian artisans create luxury products. This knowledge guided me throughout my career and when the opportunity arose to impact women through the simple act of teaching them a skill and sparking a myriad of possibilities, I took it happily and Designlab Give was born.

Co-Founder, Director of Communications

Associate Director

Hi everybody! I’m Madison Delgado and I was born and raised in Miami, Fl. I graduated from Design and Architecture Senior High in the heart of downtown Miami, where I studied fashion design alongside Kayra. I now attend the University of South Florida where I’m working towards obtaining my bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Policy. My love for DesignLab Give stems from my desire to empower women to become leaders. 

I’ve always enjoyed working with people and making them feel capable of achieving their goals. As president of the first environmental club on my college campus I hosted Ted Talk style lectures, and provided free of cost workshops in efforts to inspire students. Having joined DLG in 2021, I can continue exercising this passion of mine. I want to reach as many girls and women as possible through this medium and show them where their potential lies.


As we evolve as a society it's important to remember that people matter most.

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Business Analyst, R&D

My personal goal is to advance healthcare across the globe and I believe it’s of the utmost importance that we do not neglect our ability to have a positive impact on the lives of people both within and outside our immediate sphere of influence. In order to equip myself with the skills to design and develop solutions that will improve people’s lives, I acquired my bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Materials Science & Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. As an undergraduate, I had the opportunity to intern with Ecolab and twice with P&G, which allowed me to develop competency in R&D and  identify how I wanted to use my skills to have a positive impact on society.  


In addition to hopefully becoming proficient with a sewing machine, I’m excited to resolve this unmet need with the knowledge and connections I have at my disposal and take another step towards a healthier world.

Special Thanks

I was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, living there for 10 years before moving to Miami, Florida. Prior to pursuing Materials Science & Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I studied Fashion Design at a magnet high school, where I had the privilege of meeting Angie, Paula, and Madison. My switch to engineering stemmed from my desire to research and develop sustainable material alternatives, in polymers and textiles alike.

I was involved with DLG in 2017, traveling to Cartagena and truly understanding the impact of our work. I stepped away for some time to focus on my degree, intern at P&G for two summers, and found two start-up companies.

I am now extremely excited to contribute to DLG further than I was capable of doing so at the age of 16, with the knowledge I have gained in my past 3 years. I look forward to expanding DLG's scope across the world by adapting a Khan Academy approach.


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Videographer & Visual Director

Hi everyone! My name is Dani Klaric and I have known Madison & Kayra since our high school days! I have always been extremely passionate in film, hence why I chose to pursue it at the age of 14!


I am experienced in videography, creative directing, photography, and have been a freelance videographer for 5 years now. I am currently a creative designer for various brands, I decorate and conceptually design stores/brands/homes and other venues, and I am also specialized in post production and sound design on Adobe softwares.

For DLG, I am responsible for filming, editing, and directing every tutorial you see on the site! I have spent hours on end creating the tutorials that our girls and women utilize on a daily basis, and am so thankful that my work is able to have such a positive impact through DLG. I can't wait to reach thousands of women with my videos!



Our Incredible Volunteers

Our volunteers are the soul of our organization. We have both teens and adults dedicating their time in any which way possible, truly believing in all that we do.

None of our work at DLG would be a reality without their dedication to our various endeavors.

Together, DLG has grown into what it is today. And we are grateful for them.

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