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Quito, Ecuador

November 2022 took DLG to Quito, Ecuador. Our incredible collaboration with Anspac Ecuador gave us the ultimate privilege to work with thirty women from La Comuna Central in Cumbaya area outside the capital. Brother International generously donated the sewing machines used in these workshops. Our travel bags were filled with donated fabric, a mannequin and sewing notions for a week of classes. Our two volunteers, Alexandra Nava-Baltimore and Victoria Tennant assisted with the program, teaching along with Angie during the lessons. Alexandra, our photographer and videographer, captured our whole experience.

The Anspac students ranged from mid twenties to women in their sixties,  all eager and excited to learn. No matter their previous experience, our students were passionate and driven to create, design, and grow. After an inspirational week of learning and teaching, we concluded with a fashion show, complete with a make-up artist and hair stylist, as the women showcased their creations on the runway to friends and family.


We work to teach women from low-income communities sewing skills and help build creative studios for them. Through our workshops, women gain independence, feel empowered, learn to monetize their abilities, and how to create a better future for themselves and their families. We push our students to dream big and understand that the sky is the limit through their designs. DLG's goal is to be a solution to the problem of poverty, and we do so successfully through creativity. #sparkcreativity

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