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Cartagena, Colombia - 2017

The JuanFe Foundation

In August of 2017, we partnered with The JuanFe Foundation in Cartagena, Colombia for our first steps towards providing female empowerment to women all over the world.


We created a specialized curriculum that taught 30 teenage girls how to sew necessary items for themselves and their children while introducing them to a new world of creativity.


The curriculum included the basic skills of using a sewing machine allowing the girls to make anything from totes to baby bibs, diaper bags to baby carriers. 


Our program heavily focused on the value of sustainability and the usage of upcycled materials.


We showed The JuanFe Foundation the many possibilities that creativity brings to their girls and their futures, in hopes they can craft their own independence for years to come


All of the necessary equipment was donated by DesignLab Give.



Messages from the Founders

Christmas, 2017

DLG organized a fundraiser in the Fall of 2017, and with the profits, we were able to purchase and send Christmas gifts to the children of the girls we met in Cartagena.


Months after our workshops, we were still in contact and wishing them the best.

Bogota, Colombia - 2018

Fundacion Accion Interna-Bogota

DLG donated 20 machines to Fundacion Accion Interna in Bogota, Colombia.


Fundacion Accion Interna-Bogota was founded by a Colombian artist, Johana Bahamon, to dignify and improve the quality of life of inmates and those that have already been released in Colombia.


It is intended to transform, vindicate and reconcile the prison population with a second opportunity in life.

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