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Thessaloniki, Greece - 2023

The Quick Response Team & Naomi

In March 2023, DLG set out to #sparkcreativity in Thessaloniki, Greece.


We were lucky to collaborate with two amazing organizations that aid refugees coming from the Middle East & Africa: QRT Quick Response Team and Naomi Workshop for Refugees.

Our team of six volunteers worked at Casa Base, a community center just for women, next to the Diavata Refugee Camp. Our classes included an introduction to the sewing machine and started projects including skirts, pants, tops, and sports hijabs, as per their request. 


The week-long workshop was so well taken by the women of Casa Base that the sewing and creativity continued way after our trip ended. Our partnerships on these workshops are key and we are grateful for their assistance, donations and opportunity.

Enjoy our video of the trip!

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