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Kasese, Uganda

DLG’s founders, Angie & Paula, headed to Uganda in July 2022, along with Arise for Families founder, Aimee Barbour & her family. A week long workshop was organized with a group of women in the Bwera community of Kasese District. This group from Peace Advocate Foundation had started taking our DLG virtual classes in 2020. We were finally presented with the opportunity to meet in person!

Funds collected in Miami were used to set-up a sewing room filled with necessary materials and equipment for a creative space. The community gathered and all were active participants in the making of this beautiful studio. Some painted, others helped with wiring, and at the end of 3 days, a truly beautiful space was completed. A colorful and meaningful mural lead by a local artist, Henry Bwambale, captivates the sight and welcomes all. 

DLG classes began in the new creative space, a colorful and lively sewing room.  We sparked creativity and taught a group of 15 women additional sewing skills that can allow them to provide for themselves & their families. We are grateful for this opportunity and continue to believe in collaborations with aligned missions.

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